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Classpect Personality List

In order to help one of my friends decide on what his classpect would be, I wrote up a ton of descriptions for how they’d be assigned based on personality. I figured I’d put out the ones I did in the case of someone wanting to make a fantroll, since personality will write itself if you decide on a classpect first. Perhaps you can even use this to figure out what your own classpect is- though I doubt it, since I narrowed down my friends prospects considerably before going in depth about them. Also, the earlier ones are less in depth, as I wasn’t as invested in this at the start… whatever, hope this helps you:

(Before reading, please understand that Active and Passive actions can cross over occasionally, and therefore the “helps self/helps others” bit. This happens in canon as well (Dave using his time powers to help Jade, Sollux sacrificing himself for others, etc.), so please, no grief about that. Also, none of the classes or aspects are inherently bad; don’t think that Princes or Bards are automatically bad. Oh! And please keep in mind the classpects are less about the powers you gain and more about how you impact others/reality- that’s rather important to this list.)


Mage of Blood: You would know relationships and act on fixing the wrong ones while pushing together good ones. A sort of “relationship counselor”, if you will.

Prince of Blood: Destroys relationships and bonds. That guy or girl who always is going “but you guys aren’t RIGHT for each other!”

Knight of Blood: See Karkat. Exploits bonds to achieve a goal- Karkat’s major accomplishment being getting the two teams to work together and stop squabbling long enough to progress through the game and beat the Black King. If Jack hadn’t stopped them, Karkat would have been commended as an excellent Knight of Blood.


Mage of Heart: See themselves and others for who they truly are, and help them when they are lost. The person who helps you discover who you really are.

Knight of Heart: Exploit your own will in the best possible ways, using your very self to drive people and reality towards what you want.

Prince of Heart: Destroy others’ (and possibly your own) sense of self- see Dirk convincing others to “be more like Jane/Jake”.


Mage of Mind: Know how others (and yourself) think, and know how to use that to achieve your own ends (hopefully beneficial to others as well). Assuming they know how to use it well, at least. This strikes me as a psychologist/conman. They know how you think, and they lead you to believe you have come to your own conclusions, though that is also what they want.

Knight of Mind: Exploits their own Mind to achieve things. This actually strikes me as that guy who makes strategies involving only them, but somehow carries them out flawlessly. I can’t use Latula as an example since we don’t know enough about her, unfortunately.

Prince of Mind: Destroy others’ thought processes/what they thought they wanted to do. This could be used to keep bad plans from being put in place, or used to advise people away from the wrong path, or bad ways of thinking. A therapist, perhaps. XD

Sylph of Mind: Repair/Heals the mind. This person would be something of a shoulder to lean on, someone who is there for their friends to help them get back on their feet after a catastrophe. Pretty selfless, I’d think.

Thief of Mind: (Warning: LONG, explains abilities) One who steals the mind, either of themselves or others. Obviously the latter would be healthier, but the former could be necessary in certain situations. In a bad light, this person could be described as the one who cheats off others, stealing their information for themselves, seeing it as being more practical than studying (the “logical approach”, frankly). In a more positive view, they would be the one to invite other people over for a study session (or at the very least, go to other’s study sessions), always asking questions, seeking to share in other’s knowledge and have it as part of their own. School metaphors aside (why do my metaphors always come back to god forsaken SCHOOL?), their interactions with others would be filled with questions, seeking to either know what others know, or about how others think. They are a “knowledge seeker”, though not necessarily fond of books, and may prefer conversation over text. Probably highly logical, placing what makes sense to do over what emotion dictates. In terms of eventual abilities, they would likely be able to “psychically” delve into the thoughts of others, “pilfering” their information for themselves. Whether or not they would be able to literally take thoughts OUT of other’s minds, so that they no longer know them, I cannot really say. None of this means all Thieves of Mind would be self interested, but I’d think most people assigned the title of Thief would be. If they are, however, this may change as they grow (ex. Vriska).


Mage of Time: Know how Time (and timelines, eventually) work, and act upon that information. In real life I expect this would apply to  having an awareness of how much time something is taking. So impatience during long, unimportant things would be expected, and they’d probably be less prone to wondering “where did all the time go?” In other words, someone who is impatient, but greatly enjoys their free time. In cases of a BAD Mage of Time, they’d be impatient when things were taking too long, but complain of boredom when things were going too slow.

Knight of Time: See Dave. Unfortunately we don’t know as much about his home life or time outside the game as the others. Hard to see how he’s taking the best advantage of his time when he isn’t doing it using time powers. But I’d expect people with this would take the best advantage of their tme as possible. Never a moment to be wasted, so if they get bored they’d immediately find something they need or want to do. Always busy, but I’d think would be pretty happy in real life. Doesn’t keep them from necessarily being lazy, but always doing SOMETHING. Dave likes to seem cool, but he seems to have a pretty good time doing whatever he wants at home (excluding the strifes with Bro- which are, perhaps intentionally, impositions on his time).

Prince of Time: Destroy time. This would probably be that friend who’s always telling you to kick back with him and relax. Then you wonder where all the time went after you leave. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing- for those people who have nothing to do/get easily bored, this would be an excellent way to keep them from flying off the handle. In the case of them destroying their own time, this would mean them wasting time doing something inconsequential, and then wondering where all the time went- much the opposite of what a knight of time would do. Card game players (MTG, Yugioh, etc.) would be especially prone to this class. ;D

Page of Time: One who (passively) exploits time. In this case, taken to mean as though the aspect (one) controls the class (page), making them TIME’S PAGE. As the passive version of a knight, pages slowly learn how to exploit their aspect through hard work and training. This is especially easy for the Page of Time, as once they get the hang of creating stable loops, they have literally all the time they could ever want to train. Once they gained full understanding of their aspect, they would be able to pass on this knowledge to their teammates, allowing massive amounts of time travel exploitation (but also vastly increasing the possibilities for doomed timelines). Personality wise, this person would have started out very bad at prioritizing his schedule early in life. As time went on, they would slowly get better at managing their time until they were better at it than all their peers, possibly allowing for much greater free time than most others. They may be able to teach this skill to others, but only assuming those others wanted to learn. In other words, this is the guy in elementary/middle school who complained about always having too much work, but found their high school and college workload surprisingly easy because they finally got their shit together.


Mage of Life: Would likely know how optimistic they should be about any given outcome. This doesn’t mean they’d actually be optimistic, but a good one probably would be. one. Feferi is a Witch of Life, but just LOOK at how happy she was.

Knight of Life: Uses (exploits) their optimism to push through obstacles and trials in their life.

Prince of Life: Destroys others’ optimism- a total pessimist, that guy who’s always going “things can always go worse, what if this goes wrong, etc.” Again, not necessarily a bad thing, since there are risks that SHOULDN’T be taken, but it would probably be quite annoying.


Mage of Doom: (Warning: LONG, explains abilities) Sollux. Typically pessimistic, with a rather grim outlook on what they know about themselves and the impact they have on others/reality. This doesn’t make them a bad person (none of the classpects inherently do). The reason they are probably pessimistic may be because they wish they were a better person, or that their friends could see things the way they see them. Self sacrificial, but the context of whether this is to help them or to help others may vary (again, as all the classes do). A Mage knows their aspect, and will act on what they know. Doom is sacrifice, judgement, and death. A Mage of Doom will know sacrifice. They will know judgement. And at some point, it is likely they will know death. As per their aspect, this is doomed to happen. Unfortunately, Sollux did not leave us with many clues as to what a Mage of Doom’s powers might be. However, notice that he always seems to be able to cheat death- he dies no less than THREE times, and even when all three of his bodies die, he STILL shows back up as a half-dead, half-alive being. In addition, his powerful sacrifice (pushing his psiionics to their limits to propel the meteor to safety) allowed his friends to live, shoving them away Bec Noir, and thus, death. In the case of a fully ascended Mage of Doom, they may know prematurely what would cause the death of their fellow players. A sort of “death precognition” if you will. This would enable them to steer them away from a path that would lead them to doom, as well as keep themselves from dying any more. Their death, relinquished in order to save their friends from danger, will be their single, greatest sacrifice.

Unfortunately, Sollux did not leave us with many clues as to what a Mage of Doom’s powers might be. However, notice that he always seems to be able to cheat death- he dies no less than THREE times, and even when all three of his bodies die, he STILL shows back up as a half-dead, half-alive being. In addition, his powerful sacrifice (pushing his psiionics to their limits to propel the meteor to safety) allowed his friends to live, shoving them away Bec Noir, and thus, death.

Heir of Doom: Heir would change others and be changed by doom. When younger they may be naive, with a skewed view of the world and what it holds in store. Over time they may become more cautious, and advise others to be careful as such. In terms of sacrifice, it’s much the same as mage- sacrifice tends to be the near identical across the classes.

Knight of Doom: Exploits doom. Applying this to real life is difficult- I’d expect that to mean more for the sacrificial part; sacrificing the bare minimum, or sacrificing one thing to get back something even better. I’d expect a job for them would involve risk taking… perhaps a stockbroker.

Prince of Doom: Destroys doom. Makes other people more optimistic about the prospects in front of them. Somewhat similar to a Prince of Rage.


Mage of Hope: Know the possibilities open to themselves, and act on those possibilities. This would be that “you can do anything if you set your mind to it” person. They see that they can do almost anything. Quite optimistic (again, Life and Hope are intrinsically related to each other).

Knight of Hope: Exploit the possibilities open to them. They may not see the full range of them the same way a seer or mage might, but they will make the best of what they see they can do. So where the mage of hope may be working hard so that they CAN do something later (say, training to get a difficult skateboard trick right), as they know the possibility is there, the knight would settle for what they can do right now. Say, a much less impressive skateboard trick, but when they do that trick they will do it RIGHT. They may also put new spins upon that same trick, until that trick is just as, if not more impressive than the one the mage was training to do.

(…Why the heck did I relate this to skateboard tricks?)

Prince of Hope: Eridan. Destroys hope in themself/others, such as Eridan’s staunch refusal to believe in magic anytime he thinks of reviving his belief in it, or his destroying of Kanaya’s hope via the destruction of the matriorb. This could be seen as an almost self destructive class if taken too far- again, much like Eridan. His refusal to believe in the possibilities available led him to believe the only course of action left that would lead to anything good was to join Jack Noir before everyone got killed. On a less extreme scale, this would keep people from recklessly rushing off towards stupid courses of action, and would be the equivalent of a Sylph of Rage- cutting off possibilities, preferably ones that go too far towards the dangerous end.


Mage of Light: This would be Rose if she was active. Rose gathered information on the session and how the game worked- but she got it from the Horrorterrors, slowly skewing her towards void until she completely inverted to a Witch of Void. In Sburb, a Mage of Light would gather that information from elsewhere, perhaps Skaia or the consorts, or even a walkthrough like the one Rose left floating in the void, and act on what they know. This would be a lot like the Mage of Mind I mentioned earlier, but working more on information about the situation at hand rather than what they know about themselves and how others think. In terms of how they’d be normally, they would likely seek information out (study), and then apply that information to actual situations. This would be the kind of people school WANTS everyone to be.

Knight of Light: Use and exploit the information they already have. They may not actively seek out new information, but by using what they have they may find it anyways. In terms of the game, they’d be the one who uses what they know about the game to figure out more about it, the one who uses what they know will work against enemies to destroy them more effectively and/or figure out better way to do it because of that. In a normal world, they would utilize what they know as best they could, and possibly work out other information because of that (ie. On tests, using information you already know to work out something that was never taught.).

Sylph of Light: Repair and Heal information. This would probably be the person to correct you if you’ve got bad information, or the one to clarify information someone is having a hard time comprehending. So somewhat like a teacher, though I’d liken them more to Rogues of Light rather than Sylphs.


Sylph of Void: Repair and heal mystery/obscureness. This has always been a difficult class for people to get- after all, how does one “heal” void? Well, to “repair” void is to cover something back up again, or to re-enshroud it in mystery. So in terms of personality, say you’re in a classroom, learning a difficult subject. This would be the person who, when you think you finally understand something, asks the teacher a question (or points something out) that leaves you scratching your head once again, making your previous understanding meaningless- it turns out you still DON’T understand.

Yeah there’s a lot missing, but these were thought up with my friend in mind (we narrowed it down to Knight of Light vs. Knight of Mind; he was taking a while to decide so I declared him to be a Knight of Light, given that Mind = Choice and if he couldn’t make one quickly he’s not fit for being a Knight of Mind. XD). I may make more if one of my other friends needs help deciding on a classpect, and edit them in when that happens. I hope this helps you in some way!

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